December 10, 2022

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937 Health Center achieves an international award in the field of customer service

The Ministry of Health, represented by the General Administration of Call Centers (937), achieved the silver award, which is part of the global customer experience awards in the best customer service track.

The award was granted to the Ministry for its distinguished services emanating from its strategy and digital transformation, which contributed to upgrading the level of institutional and health services within the Kingdom in contact centers, electronic applications and virtual services. This merit came after strong competition with the largest international organizations in the field of customer experiences.

It is noteworthy that the Health Center 937 continues to complete its journey in providing health services and strive towards leadership in customer service in the health field, through advanced systems aimed at clarity and accuracy in highlighting health services and supporting beneficiaries around the clock through the free number 937 or through the Twitter platform #Health_937 to receive all Inquiries, observations and medical consultations. The center also harnessed its efforts through several different channels between general inquiries and immediate medical consultations by highly qualified personnel working around the clock, seven days a week, via phone calls, social media channels, e-mail, electronic applications, instant chat on the website Ministry.