June 2, 2023


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70% adherence to palliative care medications

A recent study revealed that the percentage of good adherence to palliative care medications was 70.2%, while the percentage of poor adherence was 29.8%; Where it was classified into two parts, unintentional and deliberate lack of commitment.

The study, which was prepared by a research team at King Fahd Medical City, explained; The unintended lack of commitment is often the result of poor memory or understanding, while the reasons for the lack of intentional commitment are due to problems that may occur as a direct result of taking medications such as “adverse drug interactions”.

The results of the study indicated that the overall level of medication adherence in palliative care patients was moderate to good.

The head of the research team for this study, Dr. Walid Al-Shehri, said that the main objective of this study is to find the reasons behind non-adherence to medications so that we can identify appropriate solutions and reduce any obstacle that may lead to non-adherence.

Dr. added. Monthly, that the therapeutic benefit and desired health outcomes may be affected by non-adherence to medication, especially among patients with advanced diseases in the palliative care clinic.

The study, in which the clinical pharmacist Mohammed Al-Mutairi, the pharmacist Hasan Al-Khasr and the pharmacist research specialist Razan Orfali participated, confirmed that there is a need for more studies to design new techniques to increase drug adherence in palliative care patients.