March 25, 2023

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4.41% annual inflation in Qatar during February | Gulf newspaper


March 15, 2023

11:27 a.m


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The consumer price index in Qatar increased by 4.41% last February on an annual basis, compared to the same month in 2022, to reach 105.34 points, while it decreased on a monthly basis by 0.06% compared to January 2023.
According to a statement published by the Qatar News Agency (QNA), this indicator, which measures inflation, includes 12 main groups of consumer goods, under which 737 goods and services fall, calculated on the base year of 2018, according to the results calculated from the data of the Household Income Expenditure Survey 2017-2018.
The annual increase in the index is due to the increase in the prices of seven groups: the entertainment and culture group by 20.80%, followed by the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels group by 8.94%, the restaurants and hotels group by 4.45%, the education group by 4.26%, the transportation group by 2.38%, and the health group by 1.62%. %, and the clothing and footwear group 0.71%.
As for the decreases, they occurred in the Communications group by 4.84%, followed by the Food and Beverages group by 1.29%, the Other Goods and Services group by 0.23%, and the Furniture and Home Appliances group by 0.04%, and there was no change in the Tobacco group.
monthly change
With regard to the monthly change of the index compared to January 2023, the data indicates a decrease in five groups, an increase in three groups, and stability in four other groups. As for the decrease, it occurred in the restaurants and hotels group by 2.12%, followed by the food and beverage group by 1.45%, the clothing and shoes group by 0.80%, the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels group by 0.62%, and the other goods and services group by 0.28%.
On the other hand, there was a rise in the entertainment and culture group by 3.75%, followed by the transportation group by 0.24%, and the furniture and home appliances group by 0.11%. There was no change in the tobacco, health, communications, and education groups, compared with the previous month.
And when calculating the consumer price index for the month of February 2023, after excluding the group of housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, it reached 107.45 points, recording an increase of 0.09% compared to the month preceding January, and an increase of 3.37% compared to the month of January. January 2022.