May 27, 2022

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10 reasons behind hoarseness

Hoarseness is the most common symptom of laryngitis, and the degree of change in your voice may vary depending on the degree of infection or inflammation, and ranges between simple hoarseness and almost complete loss of voice, and it is an abnormal change in the voice where changes in voice volume, intensity and degree of height occur as a result of the disorders that occur In the vocal cords responsible for the production of sound in the larynx and as a result the voice becomes either coarse or the voice may be weak and tepid.

It is a symptom of a disease and not a disease in itself. Usually, hoarseness is benign. It is common with a dry throat or if the pharynx is scratched, but it may be an early indicator of vocal cord cancer, so if hoarseness persists for more than 14 days, you should consult a doctor, as it may be There is a serious medical condition that requires treatment.

Symptoms of hoarseness:

change in pitch

difficulty speaking


breathing difficulties


Accumulation of phlegm and mucus on the throat and chest

How can hoarseness be prevented:

stop smoking

Wash hands regularly

Keep the throat moist

Avoid fluids that cause dehydration

Avoid yelling and maintain medium volume

Causes of hoarseness:

Hoarseness usually occurs as a result of irritation or injury to the vocal cords in the larynx, which may occur as a result of problems in the larynx itself or as a result of other health problems. Causes of hoarseness include the following:




esophageal reflux

Thyroid diseases

excessive cough

Some types of cancer

Neurological diseases

Laryngeal nerve paralysis

Drinking caffeinated drinks

7 tips to prevent hair loss

Avoid pulling the hair too hard when combing

Do not use a hair straightener or dryer

Stay away from hair dyes

Do not use unnatural hair products

Follow a healthy diet

Take iron supplements under medical supervision

Quit Smoking

E-cigarettes are dangerous.

A recent medical study revealed more health damages from e-cigarette smoking E-cigarettes affect cell functions, causing chronic inflammation, and scientists have shown that chronic inflammation caused by e-cigarettes may lead to serious disorders, including cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases, in addition to cancer. Small organelles that play a major role in cellular energy production and disrupt molecular pathways involved in immunity and the response to inflammatory conditions.

5 common winter skin problems

Skin problems increase in winter due to low temperatures, which leads to a loss of water and natural oils in the skin, which loses moisture. There is also a close link between winter and skin diseases, as there are many common skin diseases resulting from low temperatures, which are as follows:

1- Dry skin: Cold weather reduces moisture and evaporates the water in the skin, giving the skin a dry appearance and therefore more prone to irritation and itch.

2- Chapped lips: It is one of the problems that many suffer from, and to reduce this annoying matter, it is necessary to take care of drinking water to keep the body hydrated, and a moisturizer can also be placed on the lips to reduce dryness.

3- Cracked heels: Cracked heels are also common skin problems in winter. This problem is not only caused by dryness, but it may develop and infection occur. All that must be done is to apply a suitable moisturizer to the heels, then wrap them with a plastic cover and wear socks for one night.

4- Dry hands: Since it is exposed to cold air with constant washing of hands, which causes dryness, this problem can be eliminated by using a moisturizer that contains glycerin.

5- Dandruff: As a result of dryness of the scalp and a lack of natural oils that keep it moisturized

10 grams of dark chocolate makes you happy

A recent study revealed that eating 10 grams of dark chocolate a day makes a person happier, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, as researchers in South Korea found that a small amount of dark chocolate is able to significantly improve mood. Eating 10 grams of dark chocolate daily “were happier” compared to healthy adults who do not eat it at all. Nutrition and health experts advise eating dark chocolate, but at the same time warn against a lot of it because it may lead to weight gain. Dark chocolate contains an important proportion of rich cocoa. With fiber, iron and a number of minerals beneficial to the body.